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31st December

Kerala, India


Before I temporarily pull the plug and rest from my gadgets, here's a small thing I'd like to share for those who want to begin the New Year with the new habits they would like to develop. 

I would like to introduce you to something called 202020. Just 20 minutes of something a day is all you need. 20 minutes of reading is better than none. 20 minutes of silence is better than none. 20 minutes of walking is better than none-- or, 20 minutes of social media a day (a tough feat, I know) might be better than none. The concept is simple, and taken from what people like Elon Musk use, called Time Blocking. 

Deciding to do 30 minutes of something might be good, but if you have a stringent schedule where work has to begin at 8am, then you would only have time for 2 things in an hour before getting ready to head out. Whereas programming 20 minutes of something gives you 3 things to do for your wellbeing. I think it's a fantastic trick to begin with. 

Here is a condensed study on Filipino Habits in particular from various research bodies which perhaps you'd like to read. Have a good New Year! 

Be well!

Armi Millare

Creative Director

Stoa Studios