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Habit Building

25 December 2019


Kerala, India

As of this writing, it is Christmas Day, just a few days before this decade ends and a new one begins-- about enough time for all of us to come up with our goals for the New Year. I would personally like to invite you to join us to begin the hardwiring process of self-transformation.

Stoicism is highly linked to self-improvement, so one can live a life of nobility, and be of service to others. For that to happen, we must develop habits—one that starts with a careful observation, practice and mastery. There is no timeline, only the grit to continue and improve. Do read what we have prepared for you that could help you into slowly developing these good habits, or replacing the bad ones the way it did for us.

It is still a challenge for me to personally follow all these habits as I have spent the last two years testing what works for me, guided by the main tenets of STOA : Sustainability, Truth, Observance, Assent, I have edited some of the habits I realised could not work for the lifestyle I currently lead. I had to set aside my unrealistic goals and put health on top priority as the kind of work I do demands a lot of my energy. I have observed that I began to learn the importance of drawing certain boundaries for my wellbeing. The result was knowing that I could not help others if I didn’t help myself first, but I am also inspired by the fact that the sooner I hit one of my targets, the faster I can reach the other prong of Stoicism, which is lending assistance to those who need it, or I try to do it bit by bit. One is through sharing knowledge like so.

Some of the products we have developed have been created in a particular way to make the maintenance aspect attainable. Instead of being overwhelmed with a 7-step skincare routine, we have developed a formula that covers the standard needs, with a specialisation for each of them. All of our formulas have been configured for travel (more on this soon), and are multi-purpose. For example our Face Mist #1 doubles as a toner, while the face oils are all you need to moisturise your skin, with nutrients made for easier skin absorption. 

Before I go, I would like to recommend a few books for you to try and get in your hands before the New Year begins. One is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (you will see this mentioned in our article linked above) and The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday - a daily devotional of Stoic virtues applied in short quotes. It would also be a good precursor to starting a reading habit. 

Should you wish to join us, do use the hashtag #stoahabitbuilding so we can share your progress and learn from one another. Grateful for this opportunity to share, hope to have you all on board. 

Here’s to the New Year. Be well!


Armi Millare

Creative Director

STOA Studios