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2019 is the Year of the Skin

We are finally back with our classic bars of soaps that are now made even more local. From our two crowd favourites from 2017, Davao (cacao and cinnamon) and Bicol (guava & elemi) our very own Philippine cinnamon has now been made part of our best-selling Davao bar. This year, we welcome a third new bar inspired by Manila, the place where it all began.

Manila, made with oatmeal and aloe vera was created as an after-swim, post-outdoors bar. The aloe vera has moisturising properties that help the skin after sun exposure and other chemicals that may harm it. The oatmeal is an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin— whether or not you are active or stay indoors.

The initial plan was to release a limited supply of the soaps, but after months of long deliberation, it made more sense to continue. So we did our share of knee-deep research and saw we had a good thing going and decided to make our bars from scratch and this time in our little studio.

This year we are also introducing the lotion bars, inspired by three of the loveliest and delicate Filipino names: Mayumi, Maria and Yasmin. Our lotion bars are made from the purest oils available.

Best of all, each bar you purchase is a direct contribution to the livelihood of the local farmers and growers from which our key ingredients are carefully-sourced. We hope that from these range of products, you feel the small changes inside and out. That together we can be part of the solution in small steps.

Yours in well-being,
Armi Millare
Founder & Creative Director