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We do not have a physical store, but we do consignments with our partner shops.

As of February 2019: While all items on this website are available for international orders, transactions can only be made through email for now. This means that shipping methods available upon checkout will only be for orders within the Philippines. For orders made elsewhere, please fill out our order form found here.

We customize jewellery for engagements and weddings, and the rest are minor modifications from our designs except for the stones used—from semi-precious stones or heirloom diamonds.

For custom orders, please email us at info@stoa-studios.com.

We currently transact via Metrobank and PayPal, and will announce for other banking merchants for your convenience.

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Please click here determine your ring size online. To convert your size to a US/ Canadian size please use this chart.

You can also try on a ring from a store and ask for your ring size.

- Store in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight and heat.
- Store each piece of jewelry separately to prevent rubbing and scratching.
- Always remove your jewellery before using any product that contains bleach.

- Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean metal or stones.
- Do not wear jewellery 24/7.
- Do not wear jewellery during bath, shower or hair washing.

We recommend to visit our jewellery section in our website to check the materials used for each item.


Products are made from natural and some organic ingredients. Please email us at
info@stoa-studios.com for a complete list of ingredients.

Handcrafted soaps are processed and cut by hand, so no two bars will be exactly alike. Color and shape may appear slightly different from batch to batch. Those differences do not affect the quality of the soap in the least!

You may also witness 'soda ash', which is a harmless powder-like substance, appear on the surface—although this will disappear during the soap’s first use.

We are making absolutely no claims on product capabilities. Our products are not intended to  treat, cure, or prevent any skin condition.

Our bath soaps are approximately 2.25 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick; while our shampoo and lotion bars are approximately 2 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick.

A soap bar lasts between 3-4 weeks. This is based on normal use. How long it will last depends on the usage.

Although handmade soaps usually get better with age especially cold processed soaps, we recommend using our soaps within 12 months of purchase.

Our lotion bars should be used within 3 months of purchase and must be kept away from contact with water to avoid rancidity (since we don’t use any preservatives).

Store them in a cool and dry place to retain their freshness.