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Soap #3: Nourish + Brighten

Soap #3: Nourish + Brighten

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The Stoa Classic soaps are back with scented equivalents plus new additions to the permanent collection. Mindfully procured and with most of its base ingredients sourced locally from our partner farms and communities, we welcome 1 new addition Soap #1: Soothe and a reconstructed and reformulated version of your favorites from Soap #2 and Soap #3.

Soap #3: Nourish + Brighten | A reprise of two crowd favorites in one bar to give you everything you need, Soap #3: Nourish embodies the cornerstone of the brand, giving you what is essential while retaining luxury. Cinnamon serves as an anti-fungal agent which also helps tighten skin, combined with the exfoliant, local cacao nibs which helps with skin inflammation, bursting with antioxidants.

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